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Bespoke Products & Services

Craft personalized products for your customers - Bespoke as well as Made to Measure

Our customers leverage DWA Commerce to offer personalizes fashion and apparel products for their customers. While they focus on designing the products for individual customers; DWA Commerce, helps them plan and cost and track the entire product life cycle of the customer order.

Bespoke Fashion

Craft Personalized Product for Customers
With DWA Commerce, you can create and take orders for personalized products, create it's bill of material, cost as well as prices the products; track the product through its production life cycle; and a lot more...

Personalize Products

Allow customers to personalize products to taste.
With DWA Commerce, you can empower your customer to personalize products as per their taste; eg for a Shirt, choose Collar style, Cuff style, Placket Style, Pockets, Buttons, etc. .

Production Process

Get the ability to create and track products though it's production Life Cycle
With DWA Commerce you get the ability to define your unique product process and then track production through its entire life cycle.

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