Enterprise Class Business Management Platform

B2B Commerce

B2B Sales process is undergoing a paradigm shift. Are you ready ?

B2B buyers are increasingly shifting to online channels to make purchase with self-service information and multiple ordering options. DWA Commerce B2B Commerce delivery an engaging online customer experience and a friction free buying process to your B2B customers. It enable your buyers to interact and transact with your business at their convenience; personalized to match the offline buying experience.

B2B Business Models

DWA Commerce supports multiple B2B Business models, choose the format that best matches your business model.
* Run B2B & B2C commerce from a single eCommerce website
* Run a dedicated B2B Commerce website with restricted for B2B customers only
* Deliver personalized B2B micro sites for your corporate clients as well as their employees

Convenient Ordering

Boost sales with fast and convenient purchasing options. DWA Commerce offers a fast and friction free buying process for your buyers. It not only allows your buyers place orders online quickly, it also allows your sales team to assist customers by creating orders on their behalf; respond to online quote requests submited by buyers.

Flexible Payment Options

Allow your buyers to choose the mode of payment that's most convenient to them like Online Payments, Offline Payment, COD as well as Split Payments in multiple modes. DWA Commerce also allows you to offer personalized credit limit to your buyers; track credit limit usage and a lot more...

Negotiated Products & Prices

Got negotiated contracts with customers on products and price that you offer them? No Problem. With DWA Commerce you can offer customized catalogs, product as well as prices based on the negotiated contracts with your buyers.

Easy Integration

DWA Commerce offers standards based, robust APIs for easy integration with any external systems. These APIs can be leveraged to integrate DWA Commerce B2B portal with your existing business applications as well as with your buyer's applications.

Buyer Classification

Classify and segment your B2B buyers based on your business criteria and offer differential pricing / discounts based on this classification. Enable your buyers to make purchases online based on discount slabs assigned to then, at their convenience.

Personalised Experience

DWA Commerce is an ideal solution for dealing with large B2B customers as well as Corporate houses. With DWA Commerce you can deliver personalised micro-site, custom catalogs, pricing as well as promotions. The access to these micro-sites can be restricted to your specific customer, their employees / choice of users.